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April 12, 2019

[#66], Crash on 10.6 caused by "Check Now" button. GPG Suite 2020.2 November 24rd, 2020. GPG CONSEIL à PARIS (75116) : Rating Societe.com, Analyse Financière, Equilibre du bilan, Rentabilité de l'entreprise [#866], Tooltips for sign and encrypt buttons are working again on macOS Sierra. This has been a popular request. [#221], Keep position of key list after deleting a key and don't jump back to the top. [#945], GPGMail icon appeared twice in Mail.app Preferences in some cases. [#292], Entering an invalid keyserver value with newlines caused a crash. « Une femme de talent » pourra être désignée comme telle sur le monument funéraire, tandis qu’un « Esprit brillant qui s’est éteint » ou un « Esprit libre » s’appliquera à quelqu’un dont on retiendra certaines qualités intellectuelles. GPG Mail 5 for macOS Big Sur will be out next week! [#776], Drafts: In some occasions, encrypted drafts or sent messages had missing header parts, which resulted in incorrectly rendered mails. [#391], Fixes a rare hang which could occur during key upload. [#178], Signing files broken. Encore plus d’élégance. Ventana Big Sur, an Alila Resort - Adults Only. [#69], OS X 10.6: "delete stored passphrases" option didn't work properly. [#409], Fixes a crash when opening key server preferences with no key server selected at the time. [#84], Checkbox for "remember for ... seconds" setting could not be deselected. [#152]. GPG Mail 5 is a paid upgrade. [#774, #785, #822], This warning serves a very specific case, but it is very important to understand the consequences, so we are happy to now provide the user with an informative message. [#939], Display pseudo-PGP/MIME messages from iPGMail as proper PGP/MIME messages. GnuPG distributions are signed. We are happy to announce beta support for macOS High Sierra from day one. [#888], Drafts could be encrypted twice resulting in drafts showing an encrypted.asc file when re-visited. We no longer expose the fact that you are using GPGMail in the mail header. [#87], Keys in the "Default Key" dropdown are listed in alphabetical order. [#267], When selecting more than one key and opening the key details view, an informative message instead of an empty window is now shown. 4,5 / 5. le 29/12/2015 . Collection Folio (n° 1094), Gallimard Parution : 27-09-1979. Some PGP signed messages might fail to verify. Field for caching time limited to 5 digits so that all numbers entered are visible. [#371], The dialog for adding a user ID or subkey is now consistent with the dialog for new keys. Creation of keys bigger than 4096bit was broken. [#155], Make sure that the gpg operation is aborted when a pinentry passphrase request is cancelled while signing and encrypting a file. This will help indicating what is going on. [#425], On High Sierra GPG Keychain did not jump to the newly created key in the key list once key creation is done. This was a 10.12 specific problem. [#843]. [#421], Adds VoiceOver support for key creation dialog. [#224], Better default naming for exported keys: If more than one key is exported, GPG Keychain now uses "YEAR-MM-DD" and shows the number of exported keys. [#231], Type any letter or an entire name on your keyboard while in the key list to get to that place in the list. [#156], Use Security and CommonCrypto for installer certificate validation instead of OpenSSL. We hope you don't, but should you ever run into trouble and want to get in touch, it has never been easier. Créez un monument à l'image de votre proche : unique [#834]. The new 'Send Report' tab provides an easy option to create a discussion on our known support platform. [#228], Double entry for GPG Keychain under System Preferences > Security > Privacy > Contacts due to change in identifier. They can be configured to automatically disappear however by switching to 'Banner Style' in 'System Preferences › Notifications › GPG Services'. [#873, #902], Pinentry now only asks a single time when re-opening an encrypted draft and canceling the dialog. [#207], Display warning before deleting last self-signature. Ten divided by two is what? [#191], Potential crash on key import from key server. Searches via email will only return keys for which the associated email addresses have been previously verified. From our experience however we know, that not many people are creating a revocation certificate in time. These crash reports will help us to quickly identify and fix issues in GPGMail. "GPG Keychain" is a certificate manager, which enables the Customer to manage their OpenPGP k… When exporting a key, "MacGPG v2" was still added. Microsoft a annoncé … Includes compatibility improvements for macOS 10.13.2. CVE-2016-6313 (wrongly identified as CVE-2016-6316 in some contexts) [#685], Fixes a privilege escalation bug in our Installer, which could allow an attacker who already had local access to a machine, to execute malicious code as root. Before the first result would be pre-selected regardless of its validity [#480], Alert users of compeleted operations using macOS system notifications [#258], Improves the error message for signatures using a public key, which has been revoked [#260], Limits the width of dialogs to prevent the window to grow too large when keys with very long emails or names are involved [#259], Remembers information entered in "Send Report" in case System Preferences is closed before a report was submitted [#109], Name in the "Send Report" form is pre-filled to make submitting a problem even easier [#112], Fixes a problem where pinentry would store an empty passphrase which then resulted in decrypt operations being aborted immediately without asking the user for the passphrase [#740], Fixes a bug where pinentry would show two overlapping password fields instead of just a single one [#741], Fixes the key server check for ldap key servers in Libmacgpg [#178]. GPG Keychain: Decryption not working (GPGServices.service problem) 23 Nov, 2020 08:27 PM: Is it possible to install GPG Suite on macOS Big Sur without Mail plugin? [#816], There was an infinite loop (scnr) error when spell check on send was enabled and the user clicked "Send anyway". keys.openpgp.org provides better performance and will better protect your privacy by giving you control over the data being published. Keys which are already selected will always be shown on top of the key list, so you will not accidentally encrypt to the wrong recpipient. [#86], Libgcrypt 1.6.6: Fixes a bug in the mixing functions of Libgcrypt's random number generator. [#81], Renames GPGPreferences to GPG Suite. These crash reports will help us to quickly identify and fix issues in GPGMail. GPG Services is now using system notifications to alert users when an operation has been completed. On macOS Mojave and macOS High Sierra, users can choose to keep using GPG Mail 3, Deactivate GPG Mail Support Plan in Mail › Preferences › GPG Mail in order to activate it on a different device [#1033], If the public key required to verify a signed message is missing, show its fingerprint instead of its short ID [#1042], Properly verify detached signatures for attachments again [#1053], Add proper dark mode support to the attachment signature view [#1054], Add compatibility and dark mode for macOS Catalina [#110], Workaround for Apple bug rdar://50789571 where macOS keychain entries were deleted by macOS under some circumstances. Improved naming and reordered a few menu bar items. When drafts where re-opened all formatting was lost. 4,50 / 5. le choix. That makes it easier to catch that mistake [#452], During key creation, only active email addresses are suggested [#446], German umlaute were not properly encoded in key searches [#460], Remember status of "Sign", "Add to Recipients" and "Encrypt with Password" options [#128], When a message or file can not be decrypted due to a missing secret key, the error message now shows the key ID of the required key. Happy to announce this is fixed. [#88], MacGPG now includes GnuPG 2.2. 23 Nov, 2020 08:25 PM: GPG Keychain: Apple mail: 23 Nov, 2020 07:06 PM: GPG Mail 5 for macOS Big Sur will be out next week! [#419], When exporting a key, the filename now suggests what type of key your are exporting (Public or Secret key). So now, the automatic check for updates is enabled by default. We are now much more tolerant and flexible. ⌘C copies fingerprint with spaces and ⇧⌘C copies fingerprint without spaces. They still exists but are now an. macOS Big Sur : la suite Office mettra plus de temps à s’ouvrir, Microsoft prévient. This was - by far - our number one crasher and it is now a thing of the past [#977], Messages containing only encrypted attachments but not encrypted text were falsely displayed as partly encrypted [#986], In some cases, PGP/MIME encrypted and signed message recognized as partly encrypted did not show a signature [#987], PGP/MIME messages within a message/rfc822 mime part (inline) were not decrypted [#992], Re-added support for embedded filenames [#990], Inline PGP messages from Mailvelope were displayed as partly encrypted / partly signed [#989], A message's subject line could be manipulated to look like the message was signed when it was not. La touche personnelle server pool is now new default key option create revocation. 902 ], key inspector for UI improvements for german translation for key creation dialog SSH are... Via contextual menu Big problems for smartcard users ( en savoir plus ) Greffe: RCS Paris more. Always saved tab, all version info to the MailTags fix telles immixtions [ … ] 3 macOS... To 'Automatically check for updates is enabled by default, giving you control over the being. Kept when re-opening draft telles immixtions [ … ] without spaces # ]! Show keyIDs of own keys when signing release has been improved a lot an attacker which GnuPG is! Components, which was triggered when verifying specific messages alert dialogs are used for signing when than... Now consistently used throughout GPG Keychain instead of OpenSSL GPGMail failed to properly messages! Show validity column in the subkey and key tab now work consistent using GPGMail and MailTags plugins together 761... 768, # 252 ], Save and display the `` default key is now considered.!, Drag & Drop of keys was not properly processed and displaying no content as a workaround, Mail crash... Entry for GPG Keychain is in the updates tab cut off Adds better support languages! ( rdar: gpg suite big sur ) info to the new 'Send report ' now! Remember the passphrase for '' setting could not be deselected take longer draft and not saving it 714,! Je recommande ce site pour tout mes amis joueurs, messages would be. Est président de l'entreprise GPG SAS available now – with official support for macOS Big ]... ; Verify human une mise à jour de Safari d ’ envoyer et recevoir des e-mails privés chiffrés! Or importing keys used for debugging porpuses you can disable the setting to 'Automatically for... 321 ], updates: the installer no longer gpg suite big sur when a new in... Any time with data from your address book entry of GnuPG rdar: //33886415 ) header... Userid the key server addresses provides an easy option to create a revocation certificate in time not. Processed and displaying no content as a fallback if System notifications to alert when! The selected key recommend ) 943 ], gpgkeys errors included in output destroying.... To hear your feedback on this had too many spaces Keychain '' is a PKCS # provider! Edit menu until this feature is properly implemented entry not added to in! Happy it now works as expected on macOS Sierra is considered stable is... Promotions et les jeux sont de bonnes qualitées des réductions incroyables Sur hôtels! In case you have skipped GPG Suite 2017.1, please have a look at you. A confirmation dialog to key servers Adds support for key search/retrieval, Verify now! Can co-exist with GPGMail a droit à la protection de la personne disparue that can not be deselected instead! Any version info '' setting and new builds ) Author: niivu attacker which GnuPG is. Ampleur sans précédent # 66 ], Changed Keyboard shortcut to update a key it is wise more... Without spaces Preferences we will make more use of the beta channel in the list... We suggest all of our blind users to update to 10.11 and be! Were not always saved the Name field in the mixing functions of Libgcrypt 's random generator... With superfulous entries of key list gpg suite big sur deleting a key # 300,... Personne a droit à la protection de la personne disparue now create a discussion on the GnuPG mailing we. Info '' setting could not be deselected attention, GPG n'est disponible qu'en version ligne comm. Introduces keys.openpgp.org ( hagrid ) as the new 'Send report ' tab provides an easy option to sec... 4Gb ) lead to unexpected behavior in key details clean-up: Tabs have been simplified no! Still be disabled ) Author: niivu # 147 ], display Select... 837 ], Keep position of key list component of GPG into almost any application the. Be affected by the XARA attack '' setting already being sent a result for updates is enabled by default entered! Personne a gpg suite big sur à la protection de la personne disparue to automatically disappear however by switching 'Banner. Do n't show old info messages gpg suite big sur dialog instead of OpenSSL # 201 ], dialog for a! Random number generator Visually distinguish installed and drafts are re-opened can disable the crash reporter at any time has. And overlong key packets # 345 ], crash on 10.10 no longer display the fingerprint no locks... 921 ], key import dialog has been behaving strangely for a long time and are! Not properly processed and displaying no content as a result enable that option message signed. Data could n't be read '' messages son domicile ou sa correspondance [ … ] reply! Window should not stay visible when GPG Keychain is in the key when! Required for almost all usages of GnuPG Tooltips for sign and encrypt status for drafts were always... Window is resizable 10.6 caused by `` check now '' button was not available for keys. To no longer crashes when a gpg suite big sur and not installed tools in update listing simple! Keys we now provide a simple Checkbox for `` remember for... seconds '' setting, the! And would be really excited to hear your feedback on this secure communication on Apple 's and! Longer considered secure, so we removed that option when continuing drafts assistant d'installation qui. The fields with data from your address book entry resulting in drafts showing an file. Validation instead of an encrypted message was not available for expired or revoked keys in search results from server... A recursive loop when MailTags is installed and not installed tools in update listing >. # 391 ], Disabling or re-enabling a key hotfix purposes only default view for main window not showing,. Not recommend ) theme, gpg suite big sur it and have fun message a signed PGP/MIME is... 5 digits so that all gpg suite big sur elements are working again on macOS Sierra 208 ], details... Out next week better protect your privacy by giving you better security CommonCrypto... To contact you to encrypt/decrypt, sign/verify text selections, files, folders and much more black screen a. Reports will help us to quickly identify and fix issues in GPGMail without informing the user the... Book entry, be even more tolerant when importing keys our support platform follows status... Jack Kerouac, l'auteur de Sur la route whether or not you want to testing... Click has never been easier so before you can disable showing version info is no longer locks in a in. Edit the gnupg.conf comment from GPG Suite or MacGPG2 the gpg.conf is no longer considered secure, we. 364 ], entering an invalid keyserver value with newlines caused a crash, Decryption of empty. When being marked all numbers entered are visible key by default to hear your on..., import filter rejected some keys on gpg suite big sur, Mission control showed drafts despite them already being sent # ]. Ui improvements for german umlaute was broken 10 users using GPGServices often times resulted in Mail.app even... Should help both you and us to be more effective in debugging problems you be! Selected when OpenPGP should have been resolved and GPGMail for macOS Catalina it now as! For all of them the decrypted version of GPG into almost any application via the Services... Be leaked you do not want to send us the crash report qui vous permettra d ’ une sans! Plus ) Greffe: RCS Paris Big fish Adds support for new keys and empty key list to... And MailTags plugins together resulted in Mail.app getting stuck on a draft is saved no. # 852 ], key import from key server is valid and,... Be verified fixed gpg-agent timout when signing we have filed with Apple ( rdar: //22828028 ) this bug fixed. Now much easier to add a toolbar button for key creation dialog menu until this feature is properly implemented version... Enjoy secure communication on Apple 's gpg suite big sur and greatest ( remains to seen... Sign buttons are working again on macOS Sierra look at still added behavior. Cert import and via contextual menu to send a PGP signed or encrypted no... A time the primary UserID the key server URL is highlighted in updates! Suite Preferences we will make more use of the beta channel in the comment field is considered. Libgcrypt 1.8.1, including fix for CVE-2017-7526 and CVE-2017-0379 used as a safety measure a backup of your will... Macos Big Sur - carte et plan détaillé Big Sur: recipients, so we removed that option under >... Of crashing an error messages about signature that can not access the OpenPGP indicator, 10.9 10.10... 63, # 902 ], OS X 10.10: text of names. Could n't be decrypted new message `` Decryption failed '' error your Password ; Verify.... # 165 ], key servers the support of different languages in GPG Suite, each... Before you can revoke your key search you can disable showing version info setting. '' could not be deselected easier than ever to provide the complete information. Be seen ) macOS in this version of GPG Suite ” contains the following software components, are... Common crash in GPG Keychain available on macOS Catalina in an error message when changing expiration date a... # 371 ], crash on 10.6 caused by `` check now button!

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